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Swyer Associates, Inc.



Swyer Associates was established in 1988 by Edward Swierzewski after working for almost twenty years in various positions in the computer services industry.  The goal in establishing Swyer Associates, Inc was to bring to the business world Edís extensive experience in developing computer software for business.  Swyer was one of the first to see the power of developing business applications designed for use over the network.  At that time Novell was the leader in network infrastructure.


Throughout the years, Swyer Associates, Inc continued advancing in experience, learning evolving technologies while providing computer software solutions to their customers.  With the rise of Microsoft technologies on the desktop, in the server room, and across the network, Swyer Associates has moved with the industry, standardizing development and support on the Microsoft platform.


Business Applications


Since the founding of the company, Swyer Associates, Inc has developed many types of business applications for customers of all types, but primarily in the manufacturing sector.


Swyer provides a full, feature complete ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system which includes all business accounting support and manufacturing planning support.


Another key area of business addressed by Swyer software is the Retail sector with the development of a POS (Point of Sales) system.  One of the unique features of the application is its ability to communicate to a corporate database via a high-speed internet connection to provide information for corporate management on the activities of its stores. 


With the development of the POS Swyer was able to capture a niche market, modifying the software to also communicate with Integrated Library Systems servers and allowing the Point of Sale to be the front end for library staff to accept payment for patron fines, fees, and services. 


Additional software development and support currently includes a WMS (Warehouse Management System) system for Woodstream Corporation in Lititz, PA.  This software was designed to control order fulfillment, and inventory management at warehouse databases spread throughout the continent and update the corporate master database with all the details of the various activities taking place in each warehouse in almost real time.  Encompassing an entire suite of applications, the system includes server side control tools, a desktop application for reporting, tracking, and selection, and a smart client application designed for the Pocket PC platform that each worker in the warehouse uses to update the SQL server on inventory movement and order fulfillment.


Swyer Associates, Inc also participates in Website design and hosting targeting both static web pages and database-enabled ASP.NET applications. 


Note: All network design and support conducted by Swyer Associates is performed by professionals holding Microsoft and other industry certifications.


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Performance Consulting and Training


Another division of Swyer Associates, Inc., specializes in maximizing employee performance through consulting and training.   Judy started the division in 1990 following 10 years in front-line, middle, and upper management, and another eight years in the leadership development and training field in both the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors. 


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Swyer Associates, Inc continues to look to the future, embracing new technologies and methods to make our products and services more useful and productive to our customers.  To that end we are dedicated to providing a superior customer experience, while offering the software tools and services to help them realize their business goals.




SWYER Associates, Inc. maintains membership with several associations.  Our current memberships are with:  APICS (since 1978), Central Pennsylvania Manufacturers Association (since 2000), York Chamber of Commerce (2002), and the York County Builders Association (2004).