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Enterprise Resource Planning Software

        for Competitive Manufacturers



Magna ERP is an enterprise software package designed to support the information needs of small to medium sized manufacturers.  Magna ERP captures information from the shop floor to the back-office generating reports that support your business decisions.

  • Manage inventory of materials, work-in-process, and finished goods

  • Update receivable  and payable accounts and automatically updating the General Ledger

  • Generate purchase orders based on required bills of material

  • Generates sales orders

Designed For Use By:

Magna ERP is used by job shops and other manufacturers whose growth has increased their needs for reliable one-source enterprise information.  Magna ERP is also suited to manufacturers who legacy systems are failing to provide the reliable data they once did.


Key Features:

  • Microsoft Access or SQL Server Database Platforms

  • Crystal Reporter used as Report Generator

  • Consistent Modular Design

  • User-defined Security

  • Extensive Browsing and Searching Capabilities

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