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MAGNA POS™  Upgrade Information

Stay current with the latest version of MagnaPOS™!

Swyer Associates provides free software upgrades and patches as a part of our annual paid Maintenance and Support contracts. 

  • If you have a current maintenance agreement - you're covered!  Simply contact Swyer Associates, Inc anytime during our normal business hours and say that you would like to upgrade your MagnaPOS™ software.  We'll verify the status of your maintenance contract and provide you with a software upgrade in the format of your choice.  A CD-ROM can be shipped to you or to save time download your upgrade direct from our website!


  • If you do not have a current maintenance contract with Swyer Associates, Inc but you have purchased MagnaPOS™ you may upgrade your software through 1 of 2 methods.
  • 1)  Purchase an upgrade only license for your software. (Not recommended since this option does NOT include support.  Support time would be charged for each incident.)

    2)  Sign up for an annual Maintenance Agreement with Swyer Associates, Inc and receive your upgrade along with support for 12 months.  We highly recommend this option as the most comprehensive and cost effective solution.  Ask us about the details and benefits of a paid Maintenance Agreement!

Contact Swyer Associates, Inc today to upgrade your software to the latest version!



Frequently Asked Questions regarding Maintenance Agreements:

How do I know if I have a Maintenance Agreement?

Maintenance is already provided for 12 months with any new software purchased from us. If your software is less than a year old you're covered.  After the first year you can purchase Maintenance & Support from us at any time.  Each Maintenance & Support Agreement is good for an additional 12 months.

How much does a Maintenance Agreement Cost?

The answer depends on the amount of software originally purchased.  An annual Maintenance and Support Agreement for your system will cost 20% of the original purchase price.  Contact us for a free price quote customized for you to extend the coverage on the software you have.



Have more questions not answered here?  Feel free to contact us.