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Swyer Associates, Inc provides a unique blend of packaged software, administrative support, customization services, and consulting services to help your business work more effectively.

Let us work with you to establish a reliable information infrastructure on which your business can grow! 

Featured Products

Magna POS™ v4.5.5

Magna POS™ is a Windows® based Point-of-Sale program that provides a retail terminal and a decision support system in one software package.


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Magna ERP™

Magna ERP™ is an enterprise software package designed to support the information needs of small to medium sized manufacturers.



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Untangle Your Network
Let the Microsoft® Certified network professionals at Swyer Associates, Inc. design a network to fit your needs. 

We can also help you manage your existing Windows® network.

"Out of the Box" not cutting it?

Having trouble finding "Off the shelf" software that does what you want?

Let us build a custom solution for you!  Details...